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We craft one of a kind environments and experiences that are sensitive to people and place.

This is what we love to do.

Our Collection

4 Square

With design inspired by a 1950s trailer park, this boutique, lush, fully appointed cottage community evokes curiosity and nostalgia in its residents and neighbors alike in the evolving Canal North residential neighborhood.

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The Orchard

This stunning property preserves and reuses two existing heritage houses. Embraced by residents valley wide, this legacy retail, dining and events venue offers a truly authentic Phoenix experience.

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The Newton

A labor of love to preserve and resurrect the Beefeater into a modern day reinterpretation of what the property once was for Phoenix, an activated gathering place centered around food, commerce and community.

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Two eras of architecture come together to form a charming private outdoor courtyard where students can live, entertain, relax and study under the canopy of desert trees and the Arizona sun.

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Central Market

This distinct 1940’s red brick retail strip center in Uptown Phoenix, was adaptively redeveloped into a charming retail & dining destination, often recognized as one of the best patio experiences in Phoenix.

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The Douglas

Inspired by its mid-century modern neighbor, The Douglas, named in honor of architect John Douglas, borrows stream lined design features offering a luxury contemporary architectural indoor/outdoor experience.

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Oasis Twenty

A mid-century, desert modern garden courtyard apartment complex was adaptively redeveloped into a boutique rental community offering residents a premier location, within walking distance to central Phoenix.

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Visionaries Wanted

We love partnering with inspired creative businesses and organizations, retailers and restauranteurs, to produce environments with a high quality of life, a strong sense of place, and energy that attracts people.

Let’s collaborate to express something meaningful about your identity and lifestyle. We believe in the principle of ‘better together.’

When you thrive, we thrive.

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Invest With Us

Our investors are motivated to craft a better Arizona. They believe in supporting entrepreneurship, providing locally owned organizations the opportunity to grow and share in building communities that have a strong sense of place and connection.

Our one of a kind projects ignite further reinvestment in their neighborhoods. Together, we are cultivating culture, reimagining and preserving our architectural heritage, and celebrating the story of our State.

Join us in heartening the story of Arizona.

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Our Team

Lorenzo Perez

Co-founder, designer and restless innovator. Talks fast, plenty and daydreams often. Nostalgic storyteller who finds magic in the details. Husband and father.

Our inspired maestro.

Jon Kitchell

Co-founder, artist, master builder and woodworker. A giving-spirit who loves people and Arizona. Landscape advocate and guardian of trees. Husband and father.

Our stabilizing force.

Leatrice Kitchell

Partner, ops maven and mountain climber. Knows the details and holds our team together at the seams. Passionate volunteer. Wife and mother.

Our eye of the storm.

Christian Hulme

Development Manager, CAD wizard, and avid DIYer. A design enthusiast who sees things for what they could be. Tackles life with a smile. Husband and father.

Our swiss army knife.

Patricia Perez

Construction management and A/P wiz. Native Arizonan. Proud mom and fur mom, animal advocate, yard work junkie, maker of beautiful spaces.

Our subcontractor whisperer.

Mike Toel

Site Superintendent and consummate outdoorsman. Problem-solver with an eye for quality and details. Skilled tradesman. Husband and Father.

Our traffic control in the field.

Andrea Alley

NIMBY turned MRED graduate. Sees the potential in people and places. Inspired by nature and design. Proud wife, girl mom, and Arizonan. Wearer of many hats.

Our placemaking evangelist.

Miguel Solorio

Registered architect and construction specialist. His time and talent serves the community through various non-profits. Avid street cycler and snowboarder.

Our Renaissance Man.

Dave Campbell

Delivers the highest level of care, craftsmanship and creative solutions. Brings enthusiasm, reliability, knowledge, and a smile to every job. Husband, father, and quintessential 90s kid who loves the outdoors.

Our project steward.

Follow Our Work

We are always designing and building, and we'd love to have you join us on our journey. Come and be inspired with us.

Made For This

Between our development and leadership experience, and our talented network of professionals, we have the ability to execute on a wide range of creative projects.

Regardless of what we work on, our objective always remains the same — design the right solution for the right context, at the right scale with the right sensitivity.